Ryte: our vision

The foundation for digital success.

With Ryte, digital marketers can reach their website’s full potential.

Ryte is all about its people. Since 2012, we have been passionately pushing the Ryte company forward, developing our brand and products with a single objective: creating a software that helps digital marketers, agencies and freelancers make their websites the best they can be.

We continue to work toward this goal by expanding the Ryte Suite through the development of more products. Together, these products will create a technical nucleus, allowing users to control all relevant digital marketing channels in one place. We make it easy for all users to analyze and optimize their websites by aggregating the essential data and tools in one easy-to-use software suite.

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    Andreas Bruckschlögl

    Managing Director

    Andreas discovered his entrepreneurial spirit at a very young age. He is a member of the digitization committee founded by Bavaria’s Minister of Finance. Andy also runs Bits & Pretzels, a conference for corporate founders and entrepreneurs from around the world.


    Marcus Tandler

    Managing Director

    Marcus is one of the most famous internet experts in Germany and one of the pioneers of search engine optimization. For over 15 years he has regularly been holding keynote speeches on the topics online marketing and website optimization.


    Niels Dörje

    Board Director

    Niels has worked with global tech corporates including Google, Scout24 and MediaMarkt. He co-founded Ryte together with Andy and Marcus, and currently leads the Advisory Board.

    Our Story

    • Ryte Vietnam jumps into the next stage of growth to support our vision and become the foundation of digital success

    • Ryte’s new High-Performance Crawler can crawl and render JavaScript to give you the most comprehensive analysis of your website. It’s faster, more precise, and more powerful than ever before.
    • Ryte is proud to present its fourth tool: BotLogs! We have developed a tool with which you can analyze your log files without the complexity. With Ryte BotLogs, you can easily see what search engine bots see, helping you to better understand your website.

    • Hello Content Success 2.0! The tool uses TF*IDF analysis to support you in creating relevant, high quality content for your users. Give it a try!

    • After months of hard work, the new Search Success tool is available! With advanced filters, 100% real Google data, and indefinite data storage, users can now analyze their search performance more effectively than with the Google Search Console.

    • Ryte receives 3.1 Million Euros! As part of the keynote speech at this year’s Bits & Pretzel Founder Festival, Andreas Bruckschlögl announced that Senovo, Surplus Invest and pd ventures will be supporting Ryte’s growth with immediate effect.

    • Our tech team is growing and Ryte is opening an office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Welcome to our new colleagues!

    • The 19th of July does not only mark the 5th anniversary of but also the 1st day of Ryte! With Ryte, we want to go beyond the page and improve all digital assets. Happy Optimizing!

    • is now available with Google Analytics and Search Console integration. This allows you an even deeper SEO data analysis with the help of web analysis key data and real keyword data.

    • Good ideas and hard work pay off! At this year's Criteo Performance Marketing Awards, held in Munich's GOP theater, we won the award in the category „Most Innovative Performance Marketing Start-up“. The entire Team is incredibly exited and celebrates.

    • After several months of development, we proudly present V3 – the latest version of our software for sustainable website optimization. The major update focuses on an improved usability and increased report flexibilty.

    • For the 19th time, EY elected Germany's best SMEs. Having passed the tough, multistage selection procedure, we made it into the finals of „Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015“! We are very proud and happy about yet another great award.

    • We keep on growing and thriving. Unfortunately our beloved cave wasn't able to keep up with that: This is why we are moving into our new OnPage Campus in Paul-Heyse-Str. 27 near Munich central station. The former girls' school including sports hall is now the new home for our superheroes. We are very excited about it!

    • Good news for webmasters: the full power of is now available also for small websites! The new FREE is available for you completely free of charge.

    • WOW! is among the top 3 nominees for the German Founders Award in the StartUp category. We are very proud and we hope, of course, for the 1st place in Berlin on June 30 :)

    • goes Valley!
      Whoohooo! gates open for the US and evaluates the market over the ocean. Our managing director Merlin and business development director Jochen visit San Francisco to accelerate our business there. We are very excited.

    • belongs to the Top 100 - Innovators 2014 in Germany. The award "Top 100" for innovation, ambition and team spirit is an approval since 20 years. On the award presentation ceremony in Essen, Germany received this highly regarded trophy. We are very proud!

    • Our managing directors Andi & Merlin visit “German Valley Week”, a program for young entrepreneurs organized by Federal Association of German Start-ups. Carefully selected founders, representatives of the start-up eco system and politicians travel together to Silicon Valley to visit top-class technology companies like Facebook GitHub, Mozilla or Airbnb.

    • We are the champions! The magazine INTERNETHANDEL elects the best and successful young companies of the year 2013. made it to the top 3 and counts as an internet start-up of the year 2013. Thank you!

    • KfW, a well-known start-up sponsor in Germany nominated as a “founder champion”. We are giddy with excitement and happy to receive the third award this year.

    • Over 71 Start-ups from all over the country applied for the prestigious “Entrepreneur of the year” award. We were at Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 and made the unbelievable second place. We are very excited and proud!

    • OMG - is already 1 year old. Thank you for your support. We are very happy to have such great customers.

    • Our company is still growing. We count our 20th team member :)

    • wins Best Entrepreneur 2013 award in Darmstadt, Germany.

    • Everyone can join! We launch our partner program.

    • Unbelievable! wins an award for the first time. We win “Internet Start-up of the year 2013”!

    • Our customer “Mirapodo” became the 500th customer. Congratulations!

    • For the first time we are represented at the search marketing conference “SEODay” in Cologne. The conference attendees met our Captain OnPage live and direct. So much win.

    • This is the starting signal for Let’s roll!

    • Epic! We are offering 100 Beta-Accounts for 89 € per month. Even though our software is a dark horse, our customers trust us and buy every account within 24 hours. We never expected such a success.

    • We found our company “Lauter Lustige Leute UG” and don’t make use of venture capital or loans deliberately.

    • We work on our software day and night.

    • We present the first prototype of our new software to tech professionals. Everybody is impressed about the technology and the easy usage of our software.

    START 2012

    While consulting our customers, it turned out that there is no software for on-page optimization for websites on the market. That’s why we started to develop our analyzing software.

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